About Michael

Lancashire born artist Michael Hunter graduated in 1994 with a Fine Art degree from UCLan at Cumbria College of Art and Design. He started out as a traditional artist, and with a love of the outdoors, he would take his sketch book and sketch and paint landscapes, often drawing inspiration from the coast.

Influenced by the landscapes of British painter David Bomberg and also by the work of Japanese sumi ink artist Toko Shinoda, Michael's style has evolved over time to become fully abstract. He has moved from painting and drawing to creating digital collages by combining painting and photography, blending textures, marks and colours into compositions. He loves to listen to music when he is working, and says that this can sometimes dictate the way a piece is formed. "There is something special and exciting about creating through feelings and emotion. It is a deeply personal process. Abstract expressionism for me has endless possibilities. For me personally, each piece is filled with passion and emotion. I hope my work moves and inspires those who enjoy viewing it just as much as I have been moved and inspired to create it.”

conceptual abstract art michael hunter

Michael has travelled to art fairs all over the UK and has many followers on Instagram. His work has been bought by collectors in America and Europe and he has exhibited in prestigious galleries in London and in various cities throughout the UK. He has also collaborated with interior designers and has been featured in the prestigious UK Ideal Homes magazine.